Without Social Media, We Have Peace

Okay, it’s only been ‘almost’ 3 weeks since I’ve stopped using social media. Yes, you’ll still find links to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on my websites, but I don’t use them. In fact, I used this website to create passwords for my accounts, and altered the generated code, copy and pasted the code, then deleted the passwords, so I can’t even log into them now. And yes, I could have reset the passwords, but I also created random emails and deactivated them after I added them to my social media accounts.

I’m so much happier now.

Opening my phone, I breathe easier, not having to see those apps, making me ‘want’ to open them, to see what others are doing, and by default, adding my own posts and photos.

What exactly is the purpose of posting, when at the end of the day, nobody really wants or needs to know what you’ve posted?

The original purpose of me wanting to go down this route, was me not wanting certain individuals to see our property, house, new cars, and basically our ‘new life’. The only people that ‘need’ to see these things, are the people ‘in’ our lives.

There are only a handful of people that know what we have, where we live, how we live, and what we do.

Nobody needs to know everything about you.

The only reason these social media companies exist, is to harvest data. Your data, your information, makes them money.

When Facebook first came out, the novelty was there. You got to catch up with people you went to school with – Whoop De do. I’m sure that there are others that feel this way too. After having a number of conversations with old ‘friends’ from school, I ended up realising there was a reason I stopped ‘seeing’ them, after school finished – there was / is no commonality. I ‘had’ to have relationships with those people, because you were ‘forced’ to go to school.

There are those that have kept contact with each other, but they were, and still are, the type of person that ‘needs’ other people to feel good, they need validation. I don’t need that. I’m independent.

Yes, there was a stage in my life when I needed help from people. We all go through that stage at some point, but social media isn’t the place for that. And, the reality is, you find out who your true friends are, when you need that help. You need to let go of those that aren’t there for you.

Also, with all the tweaking the social media companies have done with their businesses – and remember, these things ARE businesses, there’s a good chance your ‘friends’ and / or followers won’t see the content you’ve posted – more so over the past 18 months / 2 years. The more they tweak their systems, the more data they can harvest, making them more money.

I noticed a massive drop in likes and comments just on Instagram alone – it’s estimated that LESS than 10% of your followers see your posts. Twitter is now a lost cause, unless you want to argue with people, and Facebook? Well, people only use that to stalk, and shit talk about people they are supposed to be friends with – with a click of a button, you can alienate a so called ‘friend’ when you are talking shit about them, so they don’t know what you’ve said.

Facebook has turned people into bigger hypocrites (or brought out peoples’ true colours). Do you really want to associate with people that by all accounts, shit talk behind your back? I know, Facebook says that they provide those tools to prevent (read protect) family from seeing certain things you do or say, they also say it’s to prevent your work from seeing the ‘real you’ etc.

The problem with this, is it’s making people more sly, more hypocritical, and basically two faced. I want no part of it.

My existence isn’t to satisfy peoples’ needs. You see, there are (surprise, surprise) people that ‘need’ others to validate their existence. You know what I’m talking about – that person who has YOUR number, but never calls it. ‘That’ person who has access to Facebook, and is constantly posting shit about how depressed they are, ‘that’ person that is ‘still’ chasing that ‘lover’ that walked away 30 years ago, ‘that’ person who blames everybody and everything for the shit they’ve done in ‘their’ lives, that never went their way – and tags you all the time, yet has never liked or commented on anything you post, regardless of the post. You may have gotten married, lost a parent or won the lotto, but they still won’t congratulate or post condolences – BECAUSE the attention is not on them. I once got a comment saying ‘I know how you feel, we lost a dog 3 years ago’ – they made my grief, about them – there was no ‘sorry to hear that’. It’s just stupid.

There’s a meme, that says; “Pay close attention to the people who don’t clap when you win“. These sorts of ‘memes’, in my eyes, are cringy, but this one resonates. It basically sums up the attitude of most of the people that use Facebook, that I’ve ‘dealt with’.

Vicki and I decided to keep some things private, years ago. Basically, what we kept private, simply wasn’t anyone’s business. Vicki told one friend, and then that information was innocently mentioned to another person we knew. I say knew, for a reason. His attitude changed, I was seen as the asshole for not telling him, as if it ‘was’ his business to know. He didn’t ‘clap’. In fact, the information changed him, not us. Well, we found out what he was truly like. No loss on this end.

Anyway, this post wasn’t meant to be so long. I just wanted to explain why I’ve decided to stop using social media.

Social Media Sucks.

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