There used to be a time when I really enjoyed posting photos on Instagram.

That has now all changed.

With their ridiculous number of updates, and continued shift towards a user pay app, it’s just not worth posting anymore.

And when I say ‘it’s not worth posting’, I’m saying that in the context of only 5% or less of your followers seeing your posts, unless you pay to ‘boost’ each photo.

I am not in the business of urgently needing people to see, like and comment on my photos, but people follow you for a reason, and if 95% of those followers won’t see your uploads, unless you pay Instagram, what exactly is the point?

Whereas I used to get hundreds of likes, a few comments and some nice followers, it’s just all about money now. That is not sustainable, if the only people that use the platform, are those paying for ads. Who will see them? The vast majority of people that are needed by advertisers, will have gone.

I’ll still use my private account, because I don’t WANT people seeing the content I post there anyway, and I’ll leave my other account live, and occasionally post a photo of a brick wall or clothes rack in a shop….to make sure I keep that handle.

I don’t understand the logic on diluting the number of active users, if all that will do is reduce the number of ads being seen, therefore reducing the value of the ads.

This is a great video of what the latest update has done.

Personally, I couldn’t care less about people seeing my photos, if I had to pay for it. As it is, if you followed 1000 people, and they all uploaded 2 photos per day, how long would you spend on there anyway? I’m not ‘that’ interested in Instagram, that I’d want to sit there for hours every day.

Another thing, I click onto the Explore link, and all I see, are selfies of women who post basically the same photo EVERY day, and I’m not interested in yoga either….

Twitter, also is now a no-go zone. Unless you’re completely off the charts (right or left) inclined, and want to cause arguments and waste your time there, nothing you say matters. I find it pointless, that people sit around on Twitter for hours on end, (in my view) just to piss people off. What a boring life people have.

I’ve wanted, and to some extent been successful, in NOT using social media for some time. I believe now is the time to walk away from it. Besides, it will free up time for me to enjoy what we now have, and not allow petty things to get to me!