Vicki Retired. We Went To Perth. (Quick Post)

I’m a bit late with this, been a bit crook this past few days.

So, several weeks ago, Vicki had to make an ‘agonising’ decision. Switch over to fulltime employment (she’d been a casual for 11 years), or retire.

At the last moment, she said ‘I’m done’. There were a few extremely sad friends that took the shock very badly, one in particular, burst into tears when Vicki went to pick up her knives, etc.

There was no issue with what she was doing, she just felt the timing was right, to relax a little. 22 years in hospitality will do that to you.

The photos below don’t do justice to these beautiful arrangements, I just snapped them quickly, everything was moving so quick.

Below are a few pics I took on the way, and there. I took literally 1000+ photos, and I need to go through them all. Yeah, we flew sardine airlines, but when you’re as broke as us, you need to save every penny. We stayed at the Hyatt, if that’s any constellation? Bloody cab from the airport cost us $38 each way, we had to beg for that money.

And yes, I took a drone with me, but only managed to get a few photos with it, the wind started to pick-up a bit.

If you made it this far, stalker, you’re a champ, and most likely a knife wielding wannabe rapist.