My story, is not really an extraordinary one. Far from it. Like most people (whether they want to admit it or not), I struggled for a large portion of my life.

I’ve struggled in more ways than most, but I’m not going to elaborate here. Those who know me, know what I’v had to endure.

Late 2014, early 2015.

I’m not going to explain the ‘How, When or Where’, but I was ‘fortunate’ enough to come into a tidy sum of cash.

My immediate response, was to set up a Trust, to keep things private. Me talking about it, still allows me to keep it private, but I am free to talk about some aspects of what I’ve been able to do, privately.

A few of the investments I ‘can’ discuss.

My ancestors kind of ‘originated’ around / in Coonabarabran, located in NSW. My first decision, was to buy some property there – for the connection. It wasn’t expensive, but it’s an investment nonetheless. 700 hectares, with a 4 bedroom home on it, that is leased out.


Beautiful one day, an investment the next. Originally, I’d found 2 holiday apartments to invest in, at Biggera Waters. They were an excellent investment, and although their prices have dropped a little, they are still worth 30%+ more than what they were purchased for.

What do you do, when the Trust makes no payments, but the cash is building up? Buy another apartment. Which is what happened in mid 2017.


Around 2010, I started my journey towards my Commercial Pilots Licence / Instructors’ Rating. When all was said and done, and if I’m honest with myself, I opted out of Instructing as a ‘career’, because the reality was, the Trust was earning more money than I could dream of making as an Instructor. I’m lazy – I’ll admit it. But, given the opportunity, wouldn’t you walk away if you were making 3 times the money in your sleep?

Obviously, the bug to fly was still there. My options once again, led me to make another choice. Continue to pay $250+ per hour to hire an aircraft, or buy one. So, I bought one. Another opportunity presented itself – to build a hangar, at a private strip, south of Sydney. The aeroplane, and hangar have morphed into an investment in their own right, and also produce a great return. Mind you, I’ve had those earnings channeled back into the hangar and aeroplane, with the hangar having an office built into it that is leased out, and the aeroplane has been refitted with new – carpet, seats, paintwork and avionics, with the latest investment being a new TCAS system that cost $32,000. The engine is being upgraded around August (2019).

Mid to late April 2017, both Vicki and I considered a few scenarios. The scenario we chose, was to buy some land, and build a house. I had been actively looking for land since May 2017, and found the perfect place mid December. Settlement was around late February of 2018, due to holidays and so forth. The property is approximately 54 hectares, which translates to about 130ish acres.

Not to outdo myself, I considered having some land cleared to make way for my own airstrip, which is now in the process of being actioned. At this stage, a slab has been laid for a hangar – construction (weather permitting) should begin mid to late May. I’m hoping to have the grass strip ready by Christmas.

I’m going to be cagey about the house, because it’s private. What I can say though, is that it is a 3 car garage, 5 bedroom residence with private office and games room, and a theatre room.

The house is about 95% complete at this stage – we’ve already moved boxes into the garage.

Surrounding the house is a fence that spans 270 metres, and incorporates the hangar. I’ll literally be able to taxi the aeroplane to within 35 metres of the house. That’s cool.

Vicki is going to continue working. You can’t stop her.

I’ll still be doing my WordPress work, so long as I’m still interested in it, and the work still comes in. The great thing about working with WordPress, is that you can do it anywhere. That’s the beauty of working online, I guess?

I’ve always said that I’d never buy a new car, and I’m sticking to that. BUT…..I think we’ll be updating.

As some people are aware of, there is a court case currently before the courts, that I can’t talk about at this stage. Our advice though, has been to remove our names from the Electoral Roll, (at least) change licence plates (but I think we’ll be getting new cars), and recently, I voluntarily de-registered a company I was using, that was made public. I have since registered a new company, of which, I’m a shadow director, that operates from the same office as the Trust, in Queensland.

We will literally be off the grid.

Ahh, the irony.

All someone had to do, was mind there own business, not make threats to kill people, or damage property.

We were moving – we always were. I even posted about it on my Instagram account on April 18,2017.

That’s the funny thing about it all.

We are constantly laughing about the stupidity of it all.

And not just that. NRMA was called out after damage was done. I provided them with Police reference numbers, they took photos, I provided other evidence.

THEY, that is the NRMA, decided it was too dangerous to send their workers out, so THEY opted to pay me out just over $24,000. It was up to us to either have the wok done, or not. We opted for ‘not’, for obvious reasons.

Then, in August 2018, there was a power outage. ‘Someone’ decided to take advantage of the power being out. Coward? Well, yes.

So, 2 days later, I bought a generator. Wasn’t cheap. But, who cares?

The same day I bought the generator – mind you, this was about 3 weeks after getting a $24,000 payout, I went to Tahmoor Inn and played the pokies. That returned me just under $8,600. Not too shabby.

I’ve had a few pretty good wins since then, and just the other week, I walked out of Mittagong RSL with a little over $4,000. I don’t lose.

At the end of the day, we are set for life – without question. I’m not saying any of this to ‘rub it in peoples’ faces’, nor am I belittling people that don’t have much – you make your own luck.

The purpose of this post, is to say to my haters, that I don’t particularly care about you. As Ricky Gervais says about ‘haters’ – “they live in bins”.

Haters have nothing. Haters never hold themselves accountable, and only try and tear people down, because they are already below them.

Haters, are cowards. Haters are cowards, because they know they can NEVER amount to anything, they are too scared to try to be successful, because they know they never will be. Apparently it’s easier to destroy, than to build. Then they lie, and try and come across as the victim.

Some people say ‘it does your head in’, I just laugh. I laugh at how stupid they are.

And, for the record, NO I don’t say I live at my dads place, nor do I / we have anything to do with Centrelink. We never will. Listen HERE

Do I feel sorry for people? No, I just laugh, and laugh a bit more.