Picton lost one of its’ most prominent businessmen yesterday morning, August 6, 2019.

John is the second person I’ve known, to fall victim to an aviation accident. Just shocking.

As the owner of Picton Mall, John had several commercial / residential developments in the works, and I believe he did have the town of Picton foremost in his thoughts, and did want to improve the town for the greater good.

Now, I know a lot of people would have negative opinions of the man, as I have in the past, but to be honest, I now feel for him, and the loss his family must be feeling.

Aviation is a lucky mans’ game. There have been times when I’ve taxied past John Corbett, while he had his son with him. John loved flying, as do I. It was actually John Corbett that made me ‘think’ about investing in an aircraft, hence the Warrior.

I’ve never flown with him, but I understand he was capable. I doubt that Pilot error will be to blame.

Flying between Moruya and Braidwood, can be fairly turbulent – I have several GoPro videos of flying over the mountains, but I’m not saying this was a cause of this terrible accident, I’ll leave that expert investigation to the ATSB.

John leaves behind two young children, and a beautiful wife. We feel for their loss, and wish them well.

So shocked and saddened right now. It’s not a nice way to go, but really, John loved flying. Although it’s a hard thing to say, because it’s so tragic, but he died doing what he loved. I know that kind of comment doesn’t sit well with a lot of people, but pilots understand the risk, and accept it as part of the ‘pilot-life’.

May you rest in peace John, you’ll be sadly missed by many – a lot more than what you would have thought.

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