I first met Matt when I was flying at Sydney Aviators, about 7 years ago – the first day he actually started, I went with him to get a twin to taxi back to Sydney Aviators, he flooded it while trying to start it 😂. I got it started for him, we laughed – he panicked because it was his first day as an instructor at Sydney Aviators – I remember him saying “fuck, this on my first day!!!”. I said I wouldn’t tell anyone if he didn’t, while laughing. It was an honour to know him.

He was ALWAYS the life of a party, and would make you laugh. He was an excellent pilot, very relaxed and professional when it counted.

The photos below were taken by Matt, for me, on a flight to get some aerial photos of my old house in Tahmoor, back on 13/12/11.

I have some more photos and videos, which I’ll upload if I can locate them – so shocked right now.

Top bloke, gone way too soon. R.I.P.