So, where are we at with the new house? The house itself, was finished a little while ago, there’s just a few ‘cosmetic’ things that need to be done – yes, I’m being vague.

After discussing with my father, and Vicki about the hangar, I’ve come to the conclusion that it would be better (long term) to hold on to the existing one, because it’s earning more than what a term deposit would. BUT, in return, we’ve delayed the building of the new hangar @Crainview, so we can save up some more $$$. This entire ‘project’ is being funded without taking out a mortgage, so the delay to build the new hangar will be between 6 and 9 months – depending upon whether we build an office / rooms inside it.

As the title of this post suggests, I sought ‘permission’ to make public one photo that I took today, while I was changing over one of the cars – I keep one car at the new place at all times. Because of the shape of the cleared land, and the building work that’s already been done, it’s really hard to take a photo without revealing anything.

We will most likely get some more fencing done prior to moving in, which will also secure this section of the yard.

Will I ever show the house on this website? Most likely not, but you can always see photos I’ve already uploaded onto my Instagram Account. The photos are public, under ‘another name’ – and for the record, the ‘other name’ is not an alias. It will probably be hard to not reveal something in the future, but I’m teaching myself to be a bit more ‘private’ about the new place.

Every couple of weeks, the boys have been going over on the weekends and mowing – as we bought a new ride-on that they love to use. It beats pushing one 🙂 I’ll end up buying some serious machinery when the strip is ready. Can’t wait. All good things….. 😉

PS. I’ve uploaded 18 new photos of the pool-house, on Instagram. The garden in the new pool-house, is about half the size of the entire pool-house where we live now. You’ll see on the Instagram photos, there’s a lot of plants that have been planted in the rock garden around the pool, it will look awesome when they mature – and our cats are going to love it!

Anyway, got to go and do some work to pay for the new hangar!

Edit 15/7/2020 – I deleted the image mentioned in the post, for privacy concerns.