Our Big Bear, Hooligan Dog. Sheba.

As I post this, exactly 2 years has passed since we lost our beautiful big girl.

Sheba had been dealing with a cancerous lump on her front left leg for several years. We did what we could for her, but her outlook wasn’t very nice.

For all the pain and suffering she went through, she still smiled and gave us the joy she always had been giving us since we brought her home at 9 weeks. The years went by so fast.

As loving as she was with everyone, she really was my little baby girl, until the end. The connection I had with her was beautiful. She understood me, and I her.

Words really cannot describe our love for this beautiful girl that filled us with so much love.

Our little Suzie Q, Sheba’s companion for 13+ years, is still with us, although she’s getting on in age now, and turns 16 in November.

I adopted a Ridgeback x Amstaff six months after we lost Sheba, and she’s been training up really well.

Eight months ago, we adopted two 8 week old canis panther pups, Thor and Zeus. They’ll never replace our beautiful big girl, but they too, will fill our lives with joy. If you haven’t heard of the breed, look them up.

For security purposes, I won’t ever be uploading photos of our ‘new’ pets.

Anyway, here are some photos of my big bear hooligan dog, Sheba.