Not Too Sure What To Call This Post

Sometimes, the end, is the beginning.

Seven+ years ago, after gaining a qualification and, well, yeah that too (being cagey here), Vicki and I said we wouldn’t rush out and do ‘stuff’. We didn’t.

Over the years though, we have done ‘stuff’, much of which we’ve kept quiet, other things, not so much – (I’m a cagey bastard).

What I did, that people know about – well, those that matter, was build a hangar and purchase an aeroplane that was primarily bought as an investment, with some occasional private use.

When we moved onto our acreage, I ‘wanted’ an aeroplane with better ground clearance, so in addition to the Warrior, I found a nice Cessna 182. Like the Warrior, the 182 was also available for hire through

I can now say that the aeroplanes, and the ‘Sydney based’ hangar, are no more. I mean, obviously they still exist, but not with me.

We get older, our bodies no longer work how they used to, and our reaction times begin to slow down.

It was fun, but would have been more fun, if we were in our current position, let’s say, 20 years ago. That’s life.

All too many times, you hear tragic stories about people who ‘came into wealth’ that didn’t get to enjoy it because they died in their new found endeavours. I don’t want to be a statistic.

Without getting into the nitty gritty, I’d always wanted to fly, but could not afford to. It’s expensive. Maintaining aeroplanes are expensive – seriously expensive. We didn’t lose money from our little foray into aviation, but in saying that, didn’t make a fortune off it either.

Our apartments at Biggera Waters make triple the amount of profit, based on the same level of investment, BUT the level of rules and regulations, maintenance and ‘politics’ of being involved in aviation, is not worth it.

Due to certain people, I cannot say too much about the sales.

Just like my winding down at, I am also making moves to simplify every other aspect of my life, and pursue a more passive style of income, setting us up for a hassle free retirement. It’s also setting us up for a more private life, something that I’m really enjoying at the moment.

Yes, I’ll ‘share things online here, but I’m limiting what I say and show.

Over the past few years, through my online work, I somehow managed to build up a large number of domain names, with my most valuable,, being sold off to, a number of years ago. I’ve offloaded a lot of domain names over the years, simply by not renewing them – they are next to worthless nowadays.

I’m letting go of this same way.

The interest in owning a domain name doesn’t interest me in the slightest these days, nor does holding onto one, regardless of what it’s worth – I don’t need the money.

I’d like to say that I’m sad about this part of my life being over, but I’m not. I got to experience what most cannot. Waking up, walking 50 metres from your home to your own hangar, getting into one aircraft, to fly 20 minutes to another hangar you own, and changing aircraft. How many people do you know that could do that? I didn’t do it to impress anybody, but people would ‘use’ me on occasion to go on scenic flights, I go tired of it.

The novelty wore off.

The Trust will sit on the cash now for the next 12 months or so, and will probably invest in a couple of town houses in Mudgee, that’s an easy investment to maintain.

My interest in Taken By Drone is still there, but the weather lately has prevented anything being done with that.

For the time being, I’ll concentrate on my photography, my little canis panther pups (they’re getting pretty big now), and my frequent escapes to small, rural towns in NSW.

That’s all for now. Think, Be Different 😎


**EDIT; 17th May, 2022. I’ve had a month to think about the domain name, and decided to keep it. Now it IS available, so make an offer. A little birdy told me that someone wanted it. Shame.