My Old 1991 VN SS Commodore

Welcome to February 22, 2022. Also known as 22 02 | 2022. That’s my fun fact for the day.

Anyway, this morning I went and bought a couple of new 16TB storage devices for my photos and videos.

For the past few days, I’ve been sorting through my collection of old memories, deleting crappy old ‘noisy’ photos, as well as photos that for whatever reason I’d been stupid enough to keep – I took some terrible photos over the years.

Anyway, I’ve been wondering whether to make a gallery for my old VN SS Commodore, like I have for my iPhoneography photos, but opted to just make a post about it.

So, I’d always been a Holden Man, up until I bought my old Mercedes. My first Holden was a VQ Statesman, that I’d bought in 1993. It was a beautiful car, and was a little rocket.

Looking pretty cool, back in the day 😉

I’d bought my first VN SS Commodore about seven years later, but sold it after just a few years because I didn’t feel safe parking it anywhere. It was an immaculate car, with extremely low kilometres – all original (except for the wheels, they were Walkinshaw originals). It would be worth a small fortune today.

I only have a few photos of my first VN SS Commodore.

In 2008, 5 years after selling my first one, I’d found another VN SS Commodore and took the plunge. Just like my first one, this one also had original Walkinshaw wheels on it, but I’d replaced them with original wheels a year or so later.

Except for the front grill, wheels and radio, the car was original. It wasn’t too long before I started putting the original gear on it. I also changed the plates over to represent the car – SS V8 91.

Back in late 2014, I’d made the decision to sell it, as it was more a garage car than anything else. Every time I drove it, the police would pull me over and I got really tired of that. I’d like to say the car was a fad but it wasn’t.

The reason I had ‘fallen in love with it’ was a simple one. I worked at Bankstown airport, as an aircraft engineer, and my boss had bought the original 1990 VN SS Commodore (mine were both 1991 models). My boss would turn up in the morning, parking it in the hangar. I always offered to wash it 😉

The gallery below is just a random selection of photos I’ve picked out of the almost 1000 photos I have of it.

I wouldn’t say that this particular model is underrated, but at the same time, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it’s overrated. Steering and suspension by todays standards is very, how do I say this…..a bit average. It’s more of a fun car to drive, which is probably why I kept getting pulled over by the police.

It is what it is, I guess. The sound of that engine though, is fantastic. Glad I owned a couple and had the privilege to have some fun in them, but would I go through all that again? Probably not – my Mercedes cars are quicker / faster off the mark, but they can never replace that sound of the old Holden V8.

Hope you enjoyed the photos, but if you didn’t, the price of admission was free, so it was just your time wasted. But if you did enjoy them, thanks for visiting.