Having NO money, is NOT fun.

Don’t you just hate it when you’re broke. You know, you see that new gadget you want, but can’t have, or your car brakes down and don’t have any money to repair it.

It’s not fun.

Yes, if you’re lucky enough to have money available on your credit card – that’s if you’ve got one, well, you are laughing.

I recently told Vicki that I had to go to Coonabarabran for a couple of weeks and I had to go into Mittagong to buy a few things. No big deal, I drove to our local shopping centre, visited Officeworks first, then walked across to go up to Woolworths.

Considering I was going to go away, I thought it best to get some money out of the ATM, so I walked up the travellator and proceeded to walk to the ATM.

Here was this woman, that seemed to be playing musical cards….taking some money out of one, then inserting another. 3 minutes later (it’s a long time waiting to use an ATM), I got my chance.

Now, I was unsure if I had enough money in my account, or whether I’d have to pull out a credit card. Now, you need to remember, I’ve just semi-retired so I’m feeling that using a credit card isn’t the best move to make.

I checked my balance. Shit – I was $6.61 short of taking out $20.

You don’t believe me, do you. See for yourself.

For all the non-believers and haters, I’ve just proven that I’m broke.