Happy 2 Year Anniversary, To Us

Whoa! This exact time, 8.00pm on the 3rd of February 2020, we were collapsed on the dining room floor of our home, having a beer – after finally moving house.

After years of having to deal with shit, we finally got to move into the home we’d finish building 18 months earlier.

We decided to wait until we sold our old house (was never a home), and had tenanted our new home to another family, making a tidy profit from that 🙂 – thankyou.

So, April 2017, Vicki and I set about searching for a nice parcel of land to turn into a home, and we’ve done it. Some ‘gronks’ probably believe we made up a story that ‘we were going to move anyway’, but as you can see the post below, that I’d posted on Instagram in April 2017, it wasn’t bullshit.

We’d found some off-market acreage some time after we began our search, and the rest, they say, is HIStory.

The image below is a screenshot, but you can see the actual post here. (will open in new window)

Aaaannyyway, it’s been an amazing 2 years since we moved out / in.

Funnily enough, our old house hasn’t gone up in value in real terms, but our home and acreage, minus the improvements that have so far cost us approximately $280,000, has increased more, in real terms, than what we sold our last house for. After the new granny flat gets built (starting building late March), the value will once again go up.

We’re getting there. Still lots of trees and gardens to establish, but Vicki will take that in her stride.

Below, is a photo of our home for my stalker. If you squint and look near the top left of the photo, you might see the hangar? Sorry though, I think I may have had the exposure setting too high, I’m still learning how to take photos. Oh well, you can always pay another(?) cop to try to get our address, or have you already tried that?

Anyway, we’re having drinks on the front veranda in 15 minutes (8.30pm), the boys are going to let off some fire works to celebrate.

That’s enough 😂

Remember, Think. Be Different 😎