Facebook Account Hacked

I recently received an email from someone I hadn’t seen, nor spoken to in A LONG TIME.

Without wanting to sound rude, it’s someone that was part of a former life, that has no bearing on my current life, nor do they need to be.

You see, Facebook has this annoying feature (part of the reason I don’t use it), whereby it provides you with a sliding list of people ‘you may know’. Most of the time, they’re Indians that probably work in call centres, or are online to try and con you out of money – typical.

On the flip side, because of the ‘six degrees of separation’, the Facebook algorithm has managed to provide people with connections they probably don’t want to be connected with, as is with my case.

So, if you’ve managed to make your way here due to getting a message ‘by me – from Facebook’, it WAS NOT me. I have no interest in resurrecting past relationships or friendships, be they family, friends, or past partners. I’m just not interested – I can’t make that any clearer.

Again, I don’t want to sound rude, if in fact you’ve managed to read this, after getting a message ‘from me’. The past is the past. People grow apart, they move on, which is what I’ve done, and simply wish others to do so too.

The problems caused when being hacked, can cause immense pain for people. I mean, there’s nothing on my account that can be considered bad, but it’s the messages that are sent to people that can create problems.

It took me a few days, and a number of emails to Facebook, providing proof of identity. Two-Factor Authentication is now added to the account, and I’d suggest people enable it – it reduces the chance of this happening again to virtually zero.

I make no apologies for what happened, Facebook should be held to account.

I am not posting this to Facebook, because I don’t want to use it. I’m happier without social media.

All is well now, so just move on.