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No, it’s not me | Coonabarabran Plane Crash

Sad news this morning of a loss at Coonabarabran. Not sure who it was at this stage, nobody seems to know. I last flew the 182 up there late last year, but I’ll be driving there from now on, unless I hire. Read last post. RIP.

Not Too Sure What To Call This Post

Sometimes, the end, is the beginning. Seven+ years ago, after gaining a qualification and, well, yeah that too (being cagey here), Vicki and I said we wouldn’t rush out and do ‘stuff’. We didn’t. Over the years though, we have done ‘stuff’, much of which we’ve kept quiet, other things, not so much – (I’m a cagey bastard). What I did, that people know about – well, those that matter, was build a hangar and purchase an aeroplane that was […]

Our Big Bear, Hooligan Dog. Sheba.

As I post this, exactly 2 years has passed since we lost our beautiful big girl. Sheba had been dealing with a cancerous lump on her front left leg for several years. We did what we could for her, but her outlook wasn’t very nice. For all the pain and suffering she went through, she still smiled and gave us the joy she always had been giving us since we brought her home at 9 weeks. The years went by […]

My Old 1991 VN SS Commodore

Welcome to February 22, 2022. Also known as 22 02 | 2022. That’s my fun fact for the day. Anyway, this morning I went and bought a couple of new 16TB storage devices for my photos and videos. For the past few days, I’ve been sorting through my collection of old memories, deleting crappy old ‘noisy’ photos, as well as photos that for whatever reason I’d been stupid enough to keep – I took some terrible photos over the years. […]

Having NO money, is NOT fun.

Don’t you just hate it when you’re broke. You know, you see that new gadget you want, but can’t have, or your car brakes down and don’t have any money to repair it. It’s not fun. Yes, if you’re lucky enough to have money available on your credit card – that’s if you’ve got one, well, you are laughing. I recently told Vicki that I had to go to Coonabarabran for a couple of weeks and I had to go […]