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22 Jul 2017

Fake Facebook Accounts?

I was told to go inside and ‘set up ANOTHER (?) fake Facebook account’ yesterday. For the record, I have 2 Accounts, MrRobertCrain & MrRobertCCrain. I have enough happening in my life, to not concern myself with other people. Six surveillance cameras do the work for me. Find them – They make good viewing on Facebook Live! Enough said. Not worth any more of my time. Oh, the image? My neighbours. Stalkers.

03 Apr 2017

Dear Haters,

This is a GOOD story. It starts off though with; Haters Gonna Hate. A few weeks back, I helped someone with their website – I secured it, for free. They contacted me again while I was (recently) away via my website (this website – robertcrain.com.au), and told me who they ‘actually’ were and ‘why’ they originally contacted me – They basically wanted to know if I was everything that they had been told (?). You see, I’ve got haters. I […]

19 Mar 2017

Security for your WordPress Website

Lately, I’ve been talking to a few people about website security, and the reasoning behind the importance of maintaining a totally secure website, especially when customers / clients pass to you extremely sensitive information, such as their names and addresses, as well as finacial information such as credit card numbers. Another major problem we, as website owners face, is that people generally stick with one or two passwords that they use for everything they do online – it’s not very […]

04 Feb 2017

Protected: In The Event Of ??

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

03 Feb 2017

Get Your SSL NOW!!!

So, who’s forgotten to add a Digital Certificate to their website? I’ve recently updated several of my domains, as Google decided to play hardball with a few providers that I was with. If you need to revamp your websites security, and need help, just contact me – I do charge. It doesn’t take long to secure your website – it literally takes less than 30 minutes per domain on average, but obviously it’s also dependant upon size. Nobody should have to point […]