Robert Crain | About Me
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Family Man

I’ve been in a relationship with this beautiful woman since 2000, helping her raise her two sons, Brad and Lee. We have 3 dogs – Sheba, Sammie J and Suzie Q, a Rex Rabbit named Oscar, and a Pink & Grey Galah named Charlie.


I build, maintain and secure Personal, Small Business, and eCommerce Websites. I also develop my own websites – my current project is I also own an aerial photography business –


Since I was a child, I loved aeroplanes and flying. In 1989, I began learning how to fly and have loved experiencing the joy of flight ever since. The freedom. The challenge. The thrill. I don’t fly as much as I’d like to nowadays.


This is the Postcode that I operate my aerial photography business -

Crain – Think. Be Different

To excel at any given task, we have to think outside the box. At, we do this, always. Our motto is simple, yet complex – Think. Be Different.

WordPress Design & Management Professional.

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