Monthly Archives: June 2022

Facebook Account Hacked

I recently received an email from someone I hadn’t seen, nor spoken to in A LONG TIME. Without wanting to sound rude, it’s someone that was part of a former life, that has no bearing on my current life, nor do they need to be. You see, Facebook has this annoying feature (part of the reason I don’t use it), whereby it provides you with a sliding list of people ‘you may know’. Most of the time, they’re Indians that […]

Bought Vicki a New Car (Ex Demo MG)

Vicki wanted a new car, but I don’t like buying new, so we settled on an Ex Demo. We picked it up last night from…….now now, that’s asking too much. It drives okay, very comfortable, and it seems pretty good on fuel, but only time will tell. Now I’ve got to try and sell her old car, they offered $1,000 trade in! Pretty sure I’ll get at least $4,000. Bloody car dealers…..

Vicki Retired. We Went To Perth. (Quick Post)

I’m a bit late with this, been a bit crook this past few days. So, several weeks ago, Vicki had to make an ‘agonising’ decision. Switch over to fulltime employment (she’d been a casual for 11 years), or retire. At the last moment, she said ‘I’m done’. There were a few extremely sad friends that took the shock very badly, one in particular, burst into tears when Vicki went to pick up her knives, etc. There was no issue with […]