Mass Email. I don't work on the sites listed below any more, although I still own the domain names. ============================================================================================================================================================================= Hello, My name is Robert Crain. your business recently advertised jobs on my website I recently had some trouble with a guy, Byron Van Gisborne, who was making claims to people that he owned the 'ozpilotlife' name, advertising himself as the CEO and Managing Director of He even went as so far as to send me an email 'telling me' that he wants his intellectual property. He set up a shelf company, Pilot Life Group Pty Ltd to hide behind. I trade under my own name. Within the website management and website consulting world, I have a good name. He tried to destroy that - plus take what was not his. Also, I've never set about charging people to list jobs, nor have I asked anyone to, on my behalf. Please provide details if he ever requested payment from your business. Recently, I set up another website for companies such as yours, to advertise jobs. I am not a recruiter, nor have I ever claimed to be. I build, design and manage websites. I make my money from aviation sites from the Google ad listings. Some of the domains I own (most are not developed at this stage) are; -, -, -, -, -, -, - ....along with the .com prefix on most. Please feel free to list as many jobs as you like on The purpose of was always meant to be more for GA pilots, and jobs in Australia. I do own which I may also develop in the future for international pilot jobs, but there are no solid plans for that as yet. I do hope you advertise jobs on the site. I love Aviation, and if I can do my little bit, I'll be content. Just be cautious of any dealings with Byron Van Gisborne, and or Pilot Life Group Pty Ltd. He is not what he says he is at all. At one point, he asked me to set up dummy gmail and hotmail email accounts for him, as well as accounts on the job site for the purpose of 'stealing' jobs from AFAP. Obviously I didn't do it. I am working on these sites by myself now, and I only ever use a formal email address like the one I listed above ( that are connected to my websites to contact companies such as yours. You may do a whois check to confirm that I own these sites, at for example; - & After the actions of the above mentioned person, you may appreciate that I'm a little paranoid about 'my' identity now. Sincerely, Robert Crain.